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5-Day Plank Challenge

I often post free content, tips, recipes, challenges, workout videos, etc on my Facebook Page. This is a 5-Day Plank Challenge that I did last year. I posted each video below and wanted to collect them onto one page so you can do each day …. and repeat whenever you’d like to do more!

Day 1 of 5 – Plank Challenge: Today’s video is longer because I wanted to explain modifications and plank form. Most will be under 2 mins.

Day 2 of 5 – Plank Challenge: Today is one of my favorites… strength & stretch combo.

Day 3 of 5 – Plank Challenge: Today we get strong with side planks

Day 4 of 5 – Plank Challenge: Another strength and stretch combo!

Day 5 of 5 – Plank Challenge: We are putting it all together for a plank combo!

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! Thank you for joining and connecting here on my blog … and on Facebook! Please reach out if you have questions or need more help or services. ~ Missy

Disclaimer: As always, please consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. By performing any of these workouts, Workout with Missy is not liable for any injury.

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Missy Kent is a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. in Exercise and Health Science and 25 years experience as a Health and Fitness Professional. She is a nutrition specialist, online coach and instructor. She is an empty nest mom, lives in Charlottesville, VA specializes in over 40 fitness and quality of life living ** After surviving Open Heart Surgery at the age of 8, she’s been grateful for a healthy heart and body. She’s passionate and driven to inspire and help people feel their best so they will live their best!

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