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Missy Kent has over 25 years experience in her health and fitness career. She is an ACE certified trainer, class instructor and nutrition specialist. She believes fitness should enhance your life and fit into your lifestyle. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym or yo-yo diet to look and feel your best. She creates effective and efficient workout programs to get results and save you time!

Her personal journey begin at a young age. She had open heart surgery when she was 8 years old. From that young age, she realized how important our health is and how resilient our bodies can be! She has always felt a deep sense of gratitude and happiness that she has a healthy life, with no restrictions. As she continued to be active as a teenager, and play numerous sports, she decided to pursue a career in the health field. Her passion is to help people move their body, be active and feel their best with a healthy, happy lifestyle.

  • * B.S. in Exercise and Health Science
  • * 25+ years experience
  • * Certified Trainer and Instructor
  • * Nutrition Specialist and Coach
  • * Functional Fitness and Movement
  • * Strength Training
  • * Over 40 Fitness
  • * Balance and Core Work
  • * Injury prevention, mobility improvement
  • * Customized Programs with App
  • * Workouts with fit your lifestyle

If you are tired of thinking about your workout, starting and stopping because you don’t get results or just need support and accountability … contact me today! ~ Missy


Workouts and programs to fit your schedule, your fitness level and your goals.


B.S. Exercise and Health Science with multiple certifications and over 25+ years experience.


Have helped 100s of clients over the years achieve goals to feel and live their best life!

Mom Life

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A little about my personal life … I lived in Virginia most of my life but recently moved to Palm Beach Gardens, FL with my husband. We are empty-nest parents. My daughter played D1 soccer at William and Mary and now lives in Nashville, TN and is an elementary teacher. My son played baseball at UVA and was drafted in 2021 by the Colorado Rockies Organization. He will spend a lot of his off season in PBG, which is one reason we selected this location. My husband is an Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher at a local school. As you can tell …. our family is and always has been VERY active. I believe in it, I live it and I help everyone I am around, and work with, to embrace and enjoy an active, healthy life. It makes everything else better!

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Whether you want to feel better, have more energy, lose weight, feel stronger, workout in person, online, use my app or just need a customized program and support … contact me so we can connect.

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