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Have you ever tried a diet that didn’t work? Or, maybe you lost weight but gained it back, plus more?

It’s not your fault! That’s right …  it’s not your fault! Do you know why? Because diets don’t work. Diets restrict, deprive, mess with our minds (am I right??) and are not a sustainable way to enjoy life. 

The truth is, we have different lifestyles, different goals, different struggles so there’s no one way to be successful. The good news is that there are a lot of ways to have success and you just need to find YOUR way.

Here are 3 options that I recommend:

  1. Tracking calories: is used to track calories and macros. It’s a simple app to use, (connects to my fitness app for clients). If you like numbers, like to track, like to see a breakdown of you nutrients then you should give this a try. It also incorporates your daily exercise.
  2. 21 Day Fix: This is a portion control approach. You use containers to eat the correct amount of calories and macros. If you don’t like to track and need help with portion size then you should give this a try.
  3. My Plate, Food Pyramid: is a resource, goal focused website and app. It promotes choosing the best foods for your plate and is goal oriented. If you like to gather information and stay informed then you should give this a try.

Meal plans are helpful but everyone is different; they like different foods, need specific calories, might be vegetarian, etc. They can be a resource but the tools mentioned above will teach you HOW to eat and WHAT to eat. You’ll learn what foods make you feel good, give you energy and how to create a sustainable lifestyle. 

Once you have an understanding of HOW and WHAT to eat then you won’t need to always use the tools above. Since I have a good understanding, I follow an 80/20 approach. It’s a simple way to eat and live. It’s what I hope all my clients can use once they have the knowledge. Click here to read more about my 80/20 approach. 

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