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Shakeoliday | 30 Day Holiday Challenge

  • Replace 1 meal per day with Shakeology
  • Weekly Prizes and Accountability
  • Online Coach and support (ME!)

30 Day Holiday Challenge

Curb your cravings, improve your skin tone, stay healthy and energized, get a jump start on the new year and look hot during your holiday parties! Simply replace one meal per day with Shakeology. It’s not your typical Slim Fast, Ensure .. or any other replacement. It has over 70 vitamins and minerals per shake, full of fiber, protein and only 140 calories. There’s a reason it’s called … The Healthiest Meal of the Day.

Challenge begins December 1st so get your Shakeology now … so it’ll be delivered in time to begin with the group! Click here to order. Once you’ve ordered, just email me the confirmation email and I’ll add you to our group. Email:

P.S. If you are already a customer of mine and use Shakeology … just let me know if you want to join and I’ll add you to the challenge group.


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Commit & Succeed in Weight Loss & Healthy Living

I’ve seen it over and over … some people WANT to live healthy, lose weight, gain energy, improve their life, tone their body and they do commit and succeed.

I’ve ALSO seen it over and over …. some people WANT to live healthy, lose weight, gain energy, improve their life, tone their body … but don’t commit and do not succeed.

Yes, everyone has different circumstances, everyone has different reasons, everyone has different factors … but everyone that I have seen succeed, succeeded because they were committed!


Kaye, 16 pounds lost with Insanity and Shakeology | Terri, 20 pounds with p90 and Shakeology | Shannon, 30 pounds by working out in the local clubhouse gym and eating healthier | Seki, 12 pounds by adding in strength training and reducing “bad” carbs | Kathy, 12 pounds with Shakeology | and on, and on, and on.


I help … I provide accountability, motivation, direction, education, etc, but I can’t do it for you. The training clients and beachbody customers that I have coached are all successful because THEY committed to making changes and living a better life. They have taken different paths but all ended up in the same direction — healthy, happy and successful!!!

It’s possible. People just make excuses. When you’re ready to commit and improve your life, contact me and I’ll help you find solutions, not excuses.

About Missy: Living healthy comes naturally to me. I live it & love it so I enjoy educating, motivating and helping others to do the same. I was born with a heart condition and had open heart surgery at the age of 8. I grew up being active and playing sports and am thankful to have my health. I’ve been in the fitness industry industry over 18 years and I am ready to help you with your fitness and wellness goals. Call, email me, contact me to get started.

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