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My Services

In-Person Training

Whether you want to train in your home, clubhouse, outside or at my gym … we work together to reach your goals!

  • * Effective 45-minute workout that burns fat
  • * Creative workout focused on your goals
  • * Mobility, core, balance, strength and cardio
  • * Appropriate for your fitness level and health history

Virtual / App Training

Do you struggle coming up with a workout? I take that struggle away with virtual or app training. I create a customized program for you to follow so you can workout without thinking about what to do!

The workouts I create are effective and specific to you, your goals and your schedule.

  • * Client portal with customized workout
  • * In-App messaging and weekly goal setting
  • * Video description for every exercise
  • * Calendar to follow and track program
  • * Connect your fitbit or apple watch
  • * Extras … click here to learn more

Nutrition Coaching

Do you struggle finding the right foods to eat, portion control, yo-yo dieting … or just being confused about what, when, how much to eat?

Let me help you create a plan that fits into your lifestyle so you can get results and sustain it longterm.

  • * Find a program that fits your lifestyle (no restrictions!)
  • * Learn about macros, how much should you consume
  • * Portion size and intentional eating
  • * No diets, no missing fun events … learn to eat and enjoy life

As a busy woman with a busy schedule, I appreciate Missy creating my workout and uploading into her app so I can do it when I have time. She adds them into my client portal, with the calendar and we communicate constantly through the in-app message portal.

Let’s get started!

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