1-1 Coaching with Fitness App

No more confusion or wasted time. No more thinking about your workout or wondering what to do. Your program is 100% created based on your goals, lifestyle and fitness level. As your online coach, I’ll provide the support and accountability you need!

Online Coaching Includes:

  • Starting with our initial consultation, we discuss your goals, training history, dieting experience, preferences, lifestyle and schedule.
  • I want to learn all about you so I can fully support you and help you achieve your best results.


  • I take everything I’ve learned about you in the assessment and create a customized training program that is 100% tailored to you! Your goals, experience, available equipment (gym-based or at-home) and schedule are all considered.
  • Your program is provided through my training app in progressive phases (adjustments made every 4 weeks). Exercise demonstration videos, individualized training notes, in-app messaging and more.


  • 24/7 access to Missy so you are always 100% supported. I’m right here by your side so there is no confusion, overwhelm or feeling alone during this journey!
  • Weekly checkin-ins for accountability, education and adjustments.

1-1 Online Coaching investment is $99/month. Contact Missy to get started today.

** Individualized nutrition plan and guidance is available. Ask for more information if interested.

Charlottesville Personal TrainingMissy Kent Core on Ball

Charlottesville Community & Surrounding Areas: My Personal Training services are accomplished in your home, outside, club house, office, school, or church. All training sessions are 45-minutes. Contact me to get started.

Did you know that you can achieve up to 80% faster results working with a trainer than on your own? Without a proper game plan, you are more likely to fall off a program and quit exercise altogether.

1:1 In-Person Training:  
We will work together and I’ll create a personalized program based on your fitness goals and health history.

  • One session per week $60
  • 2 sessions per week $50 each, includes free access to fitness app 

Small Group Training:
Grab your family or friends and have a fun, effective workout! This is a great way to have support while achieving your goals.

  • 2+ clients per group | $30 per person
  • 3+ clients per group | $25 per person

HIIT Classes: available upon request for large groups, company or event with more than 10 people.

** If you live in the Pantops area in Charlottesville, ask me about the neighborhood discount. ** I also train clients in their clubhouse, fitness room; Forest Lakes, Stonefield, Carriage Hill. If you live in a community with a clubhouse, we can train onsite!

Client Testimonials …

” I wanted to feel better and lose weight but I didn’t know where to begin. Missy created a plan for me and checked in weekly to keep me accountable. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track” ~ Erika 

” Learning how to organize my week was a game changer. I love the tips and practical plan that Missy provided. She breaks it down and creates a simple system to follow” ~ Lisa

“Missy helped me get back in shape after having my daughter. I gained 60 lbs and needed a plan to lose the weight. She also helped me stay motivated and kept me accountable to my weekly workouts. After months of working out and eating well, I feel strong, happy and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight” ~ Jenny

” When my oldest kid left for college, I decided to get back in shape! I did Missy’s workout videos and followed her plan. I feel great and finally have more energy!” ~ Jane

” Our small group training sessions were the highlight of my week. I love seeing the women and working hard together. We feel strong and confident!” ~ Beth


Health & Fitness Business Mentor

Do you enjoy fitness? Do you like to inspire and motivate people? Are you a personal trainer, coach or in the health industry? Wherever you are in your journey, I can teach you how to grow your community, build a business online and make money doing something you enjoy, and makes a difference! In addition to having over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, I also have over 15 years of marketing, business, customer service, management and social media experience. Contact me to grow your fitness business.

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