I have been in the fitness industry over 20 years, earning a degree in Exercise & Health Science and advanced Personal Training Certification. As a busy mom of 2, I understand how life can become overwhelming. Let me help you create a healthy and happy lifestyle. Please contact me to get started.

Health and Life Coaching

Life can get out of control and sometimes we need help to get back on track. As your Coach, we connect online, by phone or text or in person if you live in Charlottesville … whatever helps you succeed!

Popular Coaching Programs:

Mom MakeOver 
Do you need to get your groove back? Do you feel a little lost … are you starting a new “mom” phase … has life gotten out of control? I’ve been there, all stages, with 2 kids ages 16 and 20 … I have felt lost, gained the baby weight, struggled with crazy schedules, wondered what my next phase of life would include, looked into my closet and thrown out every piece of clothing because it was 10 years old or didn’t fit, cried when I felt out of control! I get it … but through it all I’ve learned what’s important, how to focus, organize, stay fit and live confident. I can help guide and teach you.

Healthy JumpStart 
Do you want to get healthy but need some direction, motivation and help? Are you a beginner and need a basic, effective plan? The good news …. You can make simple, small changes that will improve your health. This is my favorite program because the results come quick and last!

Be YOUR best
Sometimes we don’t know what we need but we know we need a change. It might include fitness, a job change, life change, personal development, organization or something completely different and unique. Let me help guide you through that change while we uncover what you want, what you need and what will allow you to be YOUR best.

All Coaching Programs include:

  • A free phone consultation
  • Goal Setting
  • Specific plan to get you going
  • Weekly check-ins (calls, text or email)
  • Support
  • 4-week, $160 | 8-week, $240 | 12-week, $360

Facebook Challenge Groups

I offer a variety of private Facebook challenge groups designed to fit your life, fitness and health goals. Our private groups provide support from your coach (ME!) and fellow challengers who help motivate you, support you, and celebrate victories throughout the challenge.

Most popular groups:

21 Day Fix: Get back on track with healthy meals, portion control and group inspiration
Shakeology: A simple way for busy adults to get nutrition on-on-the-go
5 Day Challenges: We do plank challenges, water challenges, walking challenges and more!

All of this takes place online and on your own schedule. Get more details about challenge groups here.

Charlottesville Personal TrainingMissy Kent Core on Ball

Charlottesville Community & Surrounding Areas: My Personal Training services are accomplished in your home, outside, club house, office, school, or church. All training sessions are 45-minutes.

Did you know that you can achieve up to 80% faster results working with a trainer than on your own? Without a proper game plan, you are more likely to fall off a program and quit exercise altogether.

1:1 Training:
I’ll create a personalized program based on your fitness goals and health history.

  • One session per week $60, 4 sessions paid in full monthly: $240
  • 2 sessions per week $40 each, 8 sessions paid in full monthly: $320

Small Group Training:
Grab your family or friends and we will have a fun, effective workout! This is a great way to have support while achieving your goals.

  • 2+ clients per group | $20 per person

Beachbody Business Mentor

Being a coach provides freedom … freedom of time, schedule, priorities and your life.

I’ve been able to grow my Beachbody business from very part-time to full-time. I’m making more money as a coach than I did in my “regular” job. At that time I was commuting to work, leaving my family, worrying about asking for vacation or time off to attend my kids events and I just wasn’t feeling excited about life. Now, I’m blessed to wake up every day knowing that I can work when I want, where I want, how I want and that I’m inspiring people to live their BEST life.

Not only do I help customers and clients get healthy but I also mentor and train my coaches to create their own BB business. Our team of coaches are passionate about helping others and living a fit, balanced lifestyle. The added benefit is that we also make great money. We all need money .. money to live, to pay bills, to save for our future. Why not do something you love, something that fills your life with happiness, something that allows you to stay healthy and provides a substantial income?

… My Journey … I took a leap of faith in 2012 when I began my BB business. I wasn’t exactly sure what it would entail but I used their products (insanity, p90x, turbofire, shakeology) and knew that I could immediately receive a 25% member discount. Don’t we all love to save money! I joined and quickly realized that it was a perfect fit for me! I was able to live a healthier lifestyle and lead-by-example. As a mom, this was VERY important to me! After a few months, people began asking me what I was doing because they saw my results. They asked what they could do to get healthier and lose weight so I began recommending the best product for their goal. As my friends and customers began to have success and change their lives, their body, their confidence … reduce medications, lose weight, get stronger ….. I quickly realized that I was making a positive impact and I LOVED it.

I made mistakes. I had to fail at the business a few times before I learned the best practices for success. It took me a few years but now I understand and have a system to share with my personal coaches. When you join me and our team you will receive training, support and a friendship that goes beyond fitness and business. We are a group of positive, helpful and kind people. Now is YOUR time. Take your leap of faith and join me.

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