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Spring Creek clubhouse has a terrific fitness room. There’s no need to spend an hour on the treadmill, 7 days per week. By creating an effective workout, I can help you get better results in less time.

Based on your goals, health history and realistic time availability (we’re all busy and being pulled in many directions) so we work to fit your lifestyle. This shouldn’t become an added stress, it should reduce your stress and make you feel better!

1:1 Personal Training

Receive a personalized workout based on your goals and health history. $40

Group Training

Grab family or friends and we will workout together. This is a great way to reach your goals, have support and save money. 2-6 clients per group. $20 per person

Contact me to get started:

Fitness Videos

Sample workouts and exercises that can be done in the Spring Creek Clubhouse

Playground Workout:

Contact me to get started:
Missy Kent, Certified Personal Trainer
Online Health and Fitness Coach

*I am a resident of Spring Creek
**Please let me know if you have a special circumstance (young children, spouse with Alzheimer’s ..) and I can come to your house to train.

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A happy wife, mom, personal trainer, group class instructor, certified Insanity instructor, Alzheimer's volunteer, business owner and Online Beachbody Coach.

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