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30-Day Slimdown | Spring Creek

Get ready for summer with this 30-Day Online Slimdown Program.Start Now

We will focus on eating healthier and incorporating some weekly exercises to help you slimdown and tone for the summer. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Online Coach and a resident of Spring Creek so I’m excited to help our community get fit! All fitness levels are welcome to join!

30-Day Online Slimdown, for Spring Creek Residents Only

  • Food Guide
  • Simple, healthy recipes
  • Online support, private group via Facebook and daily tips/motivation/focus
  • Weekly email to help you stay organized and on track
  • Free weekly Fit-Walk in the neighborhood (I’ll lead the group & we will also incorporateMeal Plan Sample exercises)
  • Exercise plan and personal recommendations
  • Sample exercise videos that can be done in the Clubhouse

Begins: Monday, May 5th
Registration: Please register by Weds, April 30th
Fit-Walk: Wednesday, 6:30-7:15pm (this is optional, and is not required)
Cost: $30

Please email me if you have questions, or click the button below and confirm your spot!

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5 Tips to Help You Stick with a Healthy Lifestyle

By Chalene Johnson

So you’ve decided you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Fantastic! Now the key is to commit to it.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track:

1. Portion sizes for high-calorie food should be small. Portion size for vegetables should be large.

2. Distract yourself when you have a very strong craving. Cravings will disappear after a few minutes if you walk away and turn your attention elsewhere. Do something positive to distract yourself.

3. When you really crave something unhealthy, finish this phrase: “What do I want more?” For example, that piece of chocolate cake or a body I feel proud of? On rare occasions, it’s okay to pick the chocolate cake!

4. We are works in progress. No one eats perfectly every day, so don’t allow one bad choice to result in bingeing the rest of the day or falling back into old habits—and that includes on vacations. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean that your eating habits are, too! Look forward to all the free time you’ll have to exercise or sightsee on your long walks while on your next getaway.

5. As hard as it may seem at times to get into shape, it’s often more stressful, depressing, and even potentially life threatening to remain overweight.

Information found at Beachbody web site. Click here to learn more about Chalene Johnson beacbbody.

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