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Missy Kent

Call/Text: 434.962.0485

Send a message and I will respond within 24 hours.

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Missy Kent has over 28 years experience in her health and fitness career. She believes fitness should enhance your life and fit into your lifestyle. She creates effective and efficient workout programs to get results and save you time!

  • * B.S. in Exercise and Health Science
  • * 28+ years experience
  • * Certified Trainer and Instructor
  • * Nutrition Specialist and Coach
  • * Functional Fitness and Movement
  • * Strength Training
  • * Over 40 Fitness
  • * Balance and Core Work
  • * Injury prevention, mobility improvement
  • * Customized Programs with App
  • * Workouts with fit your lifestyle

Begin to feel better and get results NOW. Don’t wait another day. Call or text and let’s get started! 434-962-0485