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In-Person Training

Indoors. Outdoors. Anywhere! Your training happens where it’s convenient for you (at home, office, park, playground, etc). I create workouts around your schedule, the location and your goals.

In-person training ensures (1) you show up (2) you stay safe and have good form (3) accountability and support (4) you get it done!

Prices vary based on number of sessions and people:

1x per week: $75/session

2x per week: $60/session

Montecito Neighborhood Discount: $50 per session

2-6 people: call for discount prices

Classes: call for discount prices

Contact Missy to get started!

Custom APP – Virtual / On-line

You will receive a customized program to follow. Your custom workout is specific to your goals, schedule, fitness level and injuries.

The Custom APP provides: Client portal with your customized workout, In-App messaging & weekly goal setting, Video with description for every exercise, Calendar to follow and track program, Connect your fitbit or apple watch, Monthly check-in calls. $150/month | Nutrition Coaching and Meal Plan available at additional cost. Ask for details.

BODi Programs

Missy has been a BODi partner since 2012. She shares their programs and supplements to help you get results. There are numerous programs, all levels and types so she connects you to the best program to reach your goals.

BODi membership includes: At-home streaming workouts for all fitness levels (think netflix but fitness!). Workouts such as stretch, yoga, barre, insanity and more. Endless recipes, inspiration and tips. Structured, follow-along workouts and programs. Click here ...

As a busy woman with a busy schedule, I appreciate Missy creating my workout and uploading into her app so I can do it when I have time. She adds them into my client portal, with the calendar and we communicate constantly through the in-app message portal.